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Photo by: Ryan Quintal

If you are a human, then you will be familiar with animals. Cats, lions, cheetahs, leopards, and cougars are all animals in this wonderful world! Can you guess what type of animal I like? If you guessed canines, then you are wrong. Moving on, these animals have certain things in common, but they are very different too. This reminds me of python classes! This is good news because that’s what we will be talking about this week. Let’s begin.


A python class is a way to collect functions and data in a single place. This makes programming so much easier because it allows us to look in a single place for a functionality, edit that functionality in a single place (and implement it everywhere), and debug that functionality in a single place. …


Alejandro Colocho

Data Scientist | Gamer | Nature Lover | Gym Enthusiast

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